Party & Event Lighting

What makes a great party? The atmosphere, of course!

Whether it's a christening, birthday, wedding, or wake, your event needs people to bring it to life. People create the buzz that will make your event special, but people are fickle. Ever wonder why those Friday night drinks are always more lively than the Saturday night get together? It's simple - it's the end of the week, and people are in the mood to party!

The corrrect lighting can create or enhance this party atmosphere - get people in the mood! It adds colour, light, and shade. Important parts of the event, like a cake, can be highlighted, or people can dance the night away as if they were in a nightclub.

But perhaps it's not a party you're organising? Maybe it's a fundraiser, and you have a prominent speaker attending, or a local musician performing. Lighting is paramount at such events to create the right mood. Whether to highlight the musician or raffle table yet maintain the feeling of a grand gala in the body of the room, the correct lighting will give your event an effectivity and an edge.

If you would like to enquire about lighting for a particular event, or just want some free advice, please contact me using the details above.